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Follow the Five Step Moving for Property Valuation Process

One of the important decisions when relocating is selecting a mover. Consider using a brand name, reputable, AMSA certified mover to ensure your move goes smoothly. Here are the five steps to picking a mover:

Step 1: Get a Ballpark Price of how much your move will cost. property valuation Adelaide costs are dependent on 2 key criteria: the weight of your household goods and the distance it travels.

Step 2: Request Estimates from up to 3 reputable, brand name movers. Plan in advance, movers get very busy as it gets closer to the summer months.

Step 3: Someone from the moving companies will contact you to answer questions, verify information and schedule an appointment. For small moves, they may quote a price over the phone, but typically a moving professional needs to visit your home to give you an accurate estimate.

Step 4: Get your estimates, learn about the moving companies, and find out about any specific features/services they provide, then book your move.

Step 5: Move to your new home!

Here is a great resource full of Moving Tips & Advice with everything from moving tutorials, FAQ’s and information on consumer rights and responsibilities.

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