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Month: February 2015

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The Procter & Gamble Co. is increasing the prices of its powder and liquid laundry detergent products in North America by an average of 6.4 percent effective Sept. 18, the company said Monday. The company also said it is rescinding an announced price cut in its Folgers ground regular and decaffeinated coffees. The laundry detergent increases are for Tide, Cheer, Gain, Era and Bold brands. Property Valuation Sydney average 5 percent for powdered laundry detergents and 8 percent for liquid versions, said Molly Humbert, a P&G spokeswoman. The increases are the first for P&G’s liquid laundry detergents in two years and the first in 10 years for powder detergents, Ms. Humbert said.

The increase is to offset higher costs of raw materials and product research, Ms. Humbert said. The increased prices are for wholesalers, but the company anticipates similar price increases at the retail level, she said. For the average consumer with a family who does 7.5 loads of wash a week, the increases amount to spending about $4 more a year on laundry detergent, Ms. Humbert said. As for Folgers, P&G said that recent run-ups in the price of green coffee beans because of fears of crop damage due to frost in Brazil forced it to rescind a price decrease announced July 18 that was the take effect Aug. 17.

The price of a 13-ounce can of ground Folgers regular will remain at $2.15 and $2.85 for the same size of ground decaffeinated. Get qualified Tax Depreciation Surveyors for calculating your commercial or residential property depreciation. and prepare Property Depreciation Reports with affordable prices. Home sales in Greater Cincinnati dropped nearly 14 percent in June from the blistering pace of June 1999, as the area housing market continued slowing from record levels. Area home sales dropped 13.75 percent from June 1999 to 2,107 units, the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors said today. For the year, home sales are down 3.5 percent from the first six months of 1999, the group said.

Higher interest rates have been taking a toll on home sales all year, but real estate experts also said it was unreasonable to expect 1999’s record pace to continue. ”We knew that we couldn’t match the sales boom that took place in June 1999,” said Chip Sudbrack, president of the board of realtors. In June, the average sale price of a home rose 1.83 percent from the same period last year to $156,487, the group said. For the year, the average sale is up 4 percent to $147,814.Area home sales were also down from the year-ago periods in March and April, but rose 1 percent in May.